7 Important Tips to Make Your Long Flight Comfortable

These travel tips are a good foundation to making every long flight a comfortable one.

Long flights can be incredibly daunting, but with a very little preparation you can ensure you are as comfortable as feasible. Firstly, reserve a chair. If you’re going to get on a plane all night, you might as well be sitting somewhere comfortable. Aisle seats have ample leg space and uncomplicated bathroom access, while the window seat includes a view and no 1 shuffling past you so that the bathroom. Choose properly. Believe me, an extra fee is usually a small price to purchase being able to choose your own seat on a 13-hour airline flight.

staying comfortable on long flights

staying comfortable on long flights

Generally, to maintain a good level of comfort during long flights, it is advisable to keep hydrated by drinking some water regularly. The general atmosphere of the plane would be very dry, and so, it is also good to bring along small amounts of moisturisers and lip balm to prevent any discomfort brought about by a dry skin. Here are 7 ways to be comfortable on a long flight to help you enjoy your trip as much as possible:

How to Make a Long Flight Comfortable:

Selecting Your Seats

Nowadays, almost all long flights offer the facility to select a seat in advance. Some airlines may charge you a fee for providing the service, so confirm it before you select the seat.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

If you want to be able to sleep on the flight, try to wear clothes that are as close to pajamas as possible Loose-fitting shirts, comfortable jeans, flats or tennis shoes, and a hoodie are my in-flight uniform. By all accounts, we want to avoid that anything starts to press into your skin and you certainly want to avoid the example of Lady Gaga, whose legs started swelling because she tried to rock the plane in an uber-tight outfit and mile-high heels.

Escape From The Noise

For long flights, noise-canceling headphones are the best thing since sliced bread. Once you are allowed to operate electronic devices, switch on your headset and enjoy a ride without the disturbances of the plane engines and all other noise that comes with too many people in a confined area. If you don’t own noise-canceling headphones and don’t want to invest in them yet, then bring earplugs.

Bring a Pillow

A pillow will be highly useful for resting your head and if you can get the seat by the window that’s even better as you can sit it against the wall. Bear in mind that those blow up ones are less comfortable than a jumper or blanket, so if you can only afford enough space for a soft blanket then that will do.

Use The Table

The table in front of you is designed for laptops and other things, but it has a secondary use as somewhere to lean. You can either lean on this with your elbow and prop your head up on it, or you can bend completely forward have your jumper or blanket on it like a pillow. It’s a great change of position, though make sure you’re not placing too much strain on your spine.

long flight tips

long flight tips

Drink Water

The air in airplanes is very dry and during long flights it is easy for one to get dehydrated and start to feel sick or get a headache. Drink plenty of water before the flight and especially during the flight, to help ward off dehydration and in-flight illness. Most airlines will be very accommodating, especially on longer flights, to bring you free water. Some airlines even have small cups and a water faucet in the back of the airplane near the bathroom where you can help yourself to water anytime during the flight.


If you can sleep then you should do your best to make sure that you do, as this will help to pass the time more quickly. Use the above tips – take medication, drink lots of water, shut the world out and bring a soft blanket. Then the next thing you know you’ll be landing.

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