Best East Coast Beaches Vacations for Couples

Traveling to the best East Coast beaches of the US is a very popular way to rewake the lost love in your life. Here are some list of east beaches vacations for couples.

East Coast beaches from the US always hold a unique place in the heart for couples all over the world. They offer tons of alternatives for couples who simply want to have some quality time with each other. Beaches are also a perfect destination for newly couples. Couples who want quality time with each other, prefer going to the beach because it’s 1 place where both beauty and peace comes as being a balanced equation. On most of these beaches, passion reignites again and couples once again feel the magic involving love. There are several stunning beaches along the particular coast from Maine in order to Florida.

Top 6 East Coast Beaches Vacations Guide:

East Coast Beaches Vacations for Couples

East Coast Beaches Vacations for Couples

Sunset Beach, Cape May, New Jersey

This is supposedly the country’s oldest beach resort. There’s a lighthouse to admire that is just a walk away from the beach. If your kids love picking up shells along the shore, they’ll also enjoy discovering the round quartz pebbles that can be found on this beach. If you go between June and September, there is also a flag ceremony at sunset just three miles from the beach at the end of Sunset Boulevard.

Vero Beach, Florida

Parents Magazine called Disney’s Vero Beach Resort one of the best in 2008. It’s a dose of Disney without the theme park lines and prices. In addition to traditional fun like swimming pools and beaches, there are soccer games, miniature golf, and a campfire sing-along complete with s’mores. If the mood does strike to go to Disney World while you’re there, it is only two hours away.

Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

Only 15 miles away from the Virginia Beach resort area, the surroundings of Sandbridge Beach gives you the feeling of another heaven. Couples can lie down on the golden colored sands and enjoy the sunset. If you are up for activity, then a trip to the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge can be arranged. Termed as one of the most beautiful beaches of Virginia, Sandbridge Beach is surely one of the best east coast vacation spots of the US.

York Beach, Maine

There’s plenty for kids to do here aside from just building sand castles and running through the water. There’s bowling, an arcade, mini-golf, and even the option for a peaceful stroll along Marginal Way, an oceanfront path just ten miles from the beach.

hampton beach for couples

hampton beach for couples

Gunnison Beach, New Jersey

Located on the Sandy Hook Peninsula in the northeastern corner of New Jersey, Gunnison is one of the most famous clothing optional beach of the world. It’s not that couples can’t wear clothes on this beach, but most people who come to vacation on this beach are nude. There are even signboards for visitors which say that they might encounter nude sunbathers beyond a certain point. Even with the nudist tag, Gunnison is one of the most romantic east coast beaches for couples.

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Hampton Beach is probably the most preferred beach of many couples. The entire sandy area is filled with great food and games. Couples can relax by lying down on the wide sandy areas of the beach or go scuba diving in the clear waters. Tourists can also catch some great entertainment at the Seashell Amphitheater. The Hampton beach also plays hosts to various cultural festivals which will keep the excitement factor in high spirits.

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