Boyfriend vacation ways and destinations to enjoy

Essential travel tips to plan a vacation to experience memorable moments of life with your partner.

Vacations can save a failing relationship. They can prove that a strong relationship isn’t going to work. Or, they can ignite an entirely new and sizzling romance. Think that all things should be go great. You should look forward to something unique. So women or girls can discover following best ways and ideas mentioned below for romantic vacations, destinations or getaways options, are:

First vacation planning with partner

Your boyfriend has asked you to go on your first vacation together? Suggest him a good vacation plans and ideas to enjoy. “For a first time vacation, definitely choose a destination that caters to your mutual interests,” says Miller. “Not every guy wants to shop and not every girl wants to go to the World Cup. But if you’re both foodies or ski bunnies, there is an ideal destination for everyone.” Take it from Megan, 28, who overlooked a few of her boyf’s comments before they headed to her dream locale, Paris. “When we got there, I finally realized not only was he not a big ‘Europe’ person, he hated all things French! Take your time when choosing a destination. Fantasizing about different locales is half the fun of getting away together.

Best destinations to go on romantic vacation

Best vacation ways for boyfriend

Vacation ways for surprising boyfriend birthday gift

The Maldives: The most romantic archipelago on earth? The Maldives, of course. Feel like you are in your own private paradise with a stay in one of the overwater bungalows strung along the crystal-clear turquoise sea.

Go latin american regions: See Mayan ruins, hike in places where the banditos weren’t, maybe ride a river in the rainforest. But it’d be August and insanely hot. Then it was Asia. Lorri had lived in Vietnam and Laos after college and still had friends there. You can flop on the cheap, but it’d also be kind of a reunion tour for her/him. Briefly it was Russia, but doing it right meant spending the entire vacation there and a whole month off felt too precious to blow in one country.

Florence, Italy: Nothing says romance more than watching the sunset from Florence’s Piazzale Michelangelo. After a day ogling frescos in the numerous museums in Florence and sipping Chianti in outdoor cafes, you’d have to be dead not to feel a little amorous here in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Settle on Eastern Europe: Romania to Hungary to Austria and finally the Czech Republic. You should plan to fly in and out and do the rest by rail or bus or whatever. Separately, you both travel a lot so it went unspoken that the trip would also be a litmus test for your relationship. Most of your year-plus together had happened long distance.

Kauai, Hawaii: Say aloha to romance on Kauai, Hawaii’s least-developed island. Kauai is a favorite for those that want to get away from the crowds and enjoy secluded, natural beaches. Get your heart pumping on a hike through the lush mountains or with a private dip in the waterfalls.

Santorini, Greece: Watching the sun set over the brilliant blue Aegean Sea from your own private terrace in Santorini? Pure romance. The only thing that could top this postcard-worthy moment? Never having to leave.

Ways to find vacation boyfriend

    • Do something crazy: Like zip lining. Or cliff jumping. Or Scuba. Nothing serves as a bonding point like adrenaline.
    • Bring a floaty: You know, one of those cool raft-y ones for the pool, or a giant blow-up unicorn. Instant conversation starter.
    • Talk to the lifeguards: They actually live here, so they have friends. And a social schedule.
Africa Vacations - Best Tropical Islands of Hawaii

Africa Vacations – Best Tropical Islands of Hawaii

  • Ask questions: You know, like “where are your swim trunks from?” Or “have you hit up the massage hut lately?” Or “wanna play with that volleyball?” We’re all on vacation, and we’re all looking for people to hang out with– it only takes a little breaking of the ice.
  • Roll deep: When you hit the cafe or venture down to the beach, bring your friends… or your siblings… or whoever’s around. When looking for a love interest, it’s much easier for a group of friends to approach a group of friends than for lone wolves to approach each other.
  • Stay in touch: It’s not weird to ask the cute person in the jacuzzi what they’re doing tonight and then actually text them. Everybody on vacation is in a new place, and they’ll want to hang out asap.
  • Make the lobby bar your bar: It’s the perfect place to gaze over the hotel’s comings and goings, and you’ll have time to dive into conversation while that special someone waits for their room to be ready.

Participate in tourism: Those instructional safety videos you have to watch before Jet Skiing are sooo cheesy, right? …you’ll never get to ask a hottie that question if you don’t get off the lounge chair and into local activities.

Surprises for your boyfriend

Surprising your boyfriend with a trip requires plenty of planning and behind-the-scenes work. Whether you plan on taking him on a dream vacation or simply getting away for the weekend, a surprise trip has the potential to take a nosedive if not handled properly. From the basics to the details, plan a trip that he’s sure to remember for all of the right reasons. Confront the challenge head-on by considering the details of the trip and covering all of your bases when it comes to responsibilities back at home.

Ideas to make closer you

  • We all poo. Yes, gentlemen … it’s true. Even girls do the Number 2. Vacations are the perfect time to have this talk, if you haven’t already.
  • You may get sick of each other. My boyfriend and I actually didn’t get sick of each other during our trip. But in case we did, we had a code word, “bananas,” that basically meant, “You’re driving me bananas. Go take a walk.” Spending 24/7 together can either make or break you.
  • If you don’t get sick of each other, that’s good. Because we didn’t fight or get tired of each other’s company, this moved the relationship needle a little farther. Unlike my previous vacation-turned-torture with my ex, this trip reinforced our compatibility.

Romantic vacation things to do

There are lots of romantic activities to do like watching movies, romantic dinner, couple swimming and etc during your vacations with boyfriend. Sometimes the most romantic place to be is your bed. Stock up on snacks and movies, turn off the cell phones and the laptops, change into something a bit more comfortable (wink, wink) and vow to spend 24 straight hours in bed.A disconnect from the world can be just what a couple needs at times to escape all the crazy stresses of the outside world. Relax with a full season of that tv series you both love on dvd, spend time playing, talking and of course there are other activities that can take place. Refer to the event as “island day,” making your bed your island for the entire day. Before you know it your boyfriend will be begging you for a much needed island day.

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