Colorado Springs – Tourist Attractions and Best Things to Do

Staying in Colorado Springs, Enjoy a wide range of unique indoor and outdoor recreational activities, local attractions, family entertainment & best things to do, and delicious restaurants and hotels.

Colorado Springs is the second largest city in the state of Colorado, with a population just over 400,000. The beauty of the Rocky Mountains, especially Pikes Peak, is just one of the many lures and attractions to the area. Here are our top 10 picks of things to see and do in Colorado Springs in no particular order.Colorado Springs offers a variety of fun attractions and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. From historic landmarks to spectacular mountain skiing and hiking, interesting museums, shopping, and much more, the Colorado Springs area offers a variety of fun attractions that are sure to make your vacation in Colorado a memorable one.

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Manitou Springs Shopping

Manitou Springs sits at the base of Pikes Peak, just across the river from Colorado Springs. It’s an eclectic mix of great art galleries, quirky little shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars. The shopping is fabulous and the area has never lost its beatnik/hippy feel.

Pikes Peak Cog Railway

Unlike a typically train that use friction to provide locomotive power, a cog railway uses gears or cog wheels to forward motion. A normal train can only climb grades of 4 – 6%, a cog railway can climb grades up to 48%, although much more slowly than a normal train. The Pikes Peak Cog Railway ride is 8.9 miles and takes 3 hours and 10 minutes. The first five miles follow a tumbling stream and pass through deep pine forests. The last three miles, above the timberline allows for extraordinary views. To the east stretch the Great Plains out beyond the border of Colorado and Kansas. To the south, the Sangre de Christo (Blood of Christ) Range stretches south to New Mexico. On the western horizon, just slightly to the southwest, lies the Collegiate Range. This trip is so worth it!

Hike Pikes Peak

Of course, if you’d rather view the beauty of Pikes Peak on your own two feet, your options are unlimited. The Barr Trail in particular is spectacular. The trailhead is in west Manitou Springs, off Ruxton Avenue, up Hydro Street near the Cog Railroad Depot. This 12.5 miles to the top can be grueling, but the scenery and wonder make up for the effort. Halfway up is Barr Camp, a lovely spot to stop for lunch or overnight accommodations. If you don’t want to walk to 12.5 miles back down, we recommend taking the Cog Railway.

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods, just outside Colorado Springs is a photographers dream. Huge fins of sandstone rock soar 300 feet into the air and hang precariously over the valley floor, all set against the backdrop of snow-capped Pikes Peak. The soaring vistas and inspirational scenery make Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a true scenic wonder.

Cave of the Winds

Cave of the Winds will literally makes your jaw drop in wonder and astonishment. Located in scenic hills above historic Manitou Springs, this cavern is filled with gorgeous formations — stalagmites, stalactites, flowstone, travertine, and much more. The Discovery Tour takes about 45 minutes, but you can also try the Flashlight Tour and the Lantern Tour for a totally unique adventure.

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