Most Famous Awesome Skywalk Around The World

It is always the exciting for us to view or read about the extremely high and beautiful views and skywalks in the world.

The combination of great heights with wonderful views and a hint of danger is always exhilarating. So here’s a list of awesome skywalks or edge-walks from around the world, either on top of tall towers, or over-the-edge observation decks out in nature.

The skywalks are one of man’s genius innovations. To put a platform under your feet at over 1000 feet off the ground is a feat of expert engineering to say the least. The glass floor gives you a floating feel and the view is pure heaven. Nature is a beauty one can’t mess with, this needs art to bring out a side of this beauty without spoiling it.This is a big challenge and few have faced it unscathed.

Best Skywalk Around The World

Best Skywalk Around The World

7  Best Skywalk in The World

Skywalk on Tianmen Mountain, China

We mentioned before that Tianmen mountain has a beautiful natural arch at it’s top, and the drive up is one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Another way to get to the top is by walking. Part of this walk goes through a very narrow and frightening cliff footpath, like in the picture below. Some of this footpath is made of see-through-glass which makes the experience even more frightening.

Arenal Sky Walk, Santa Elena, Costa Rica

The preserves of Santa Elena in Costa Rica have the expanse of beautiful rain forest and waterfalls. This skywalk is a suspension bridge of 2 miles i.e. 3.6 mms. The rain forest is visible from top of the Arenal Sky walk. The amazing walk is sprinkled with primary rain forests, two waterfalls and two observation points. We have five suspension bridges which make this beautiful skywalk a memorable trip. The agenda here is to walk your worries away. And it won’t let you down.

Capilano skywalk, North Vancouver, Canada

The trade-off between the rivers and trees is something that irked the architects of the The Capilano skywalk. They decided that the person crossing 450 ft. high suspension bridge above the Capilano River hasn’t enjoyed much and deserves a treetop walk experience. Hence the walk continues to Cliff walk. Cliff walk is an open walkway where you walk in between the tree tops. The chance to explore the nature up close is not something you would to miss.

BridgeClimb, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the world, but fewer people know that you can actually climb it! This awesome attraction is called the Bridge Climb. A guide will take up the stairs to the 134 meters high summit, to the remarkable views of the city and harbour.

Grand Canyon’s Skywalk, Arizona, USA

Grand Canyon’s Skywalk, Arizona, USA

Grand Canyon’s Skywalk, Arizona, USA

The newest of the ‘high’lights on the list, the Grand Canyon Skywalk was built in 2007 and for those daring enough to step out on to the horseshoe shaped platform, looking down will give them with a 500-800ft view of the Colorado River in the base of the canyon.

SkyWalk, Auckland, New Zealand

SkyWalk is a narrow outdoor walkway around the top of Auckland’s Sky Tower, 192 metres above the ground. If that’s not enough adventure for you, try SkyJump. Same idea, except you get to jump off the top of the tower and plummet to the ground at 85 km an hour connected by wire, of course.

Aurland Lookout, Aurland, Norway

The observation deck overlooks Sogn OG Fjordane, in Aurland, Norway is dubbed to be the Earth’s Catwalk. Architects Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhemlsen did justice to the nature making it a hot-spot for tourists. It is a perfect platform for the adrenaline junkies. The ‘smooth flowing’ bridge is truly made for the daredevils for the slanting construction gives you the feel of being one with the nature. The principle followed here is Nature first, architect second. The beauty of nature is used to the maximum. The good thing here is that we have a thin glass wall that keeps you away from falling over. The thin glass wall is very strong, so feel free to gear up and move to Norway for the 98 foot long pure awesomenes.

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