Move at eiffel tower’s top floor position

Walk and move at the top floor of the eiffel tower and take high position to see the bizarre & stunning panoramic views of the city.

There’s much more to Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower than meets the eye. This fascinating tour goes backstage to reveal the inner workings of one of the world’s greatest monuments.The Eiffel Tower is Paris’ most-recognized icon. Built for the World Exposition of 1889, the tower is a relative newcomer to a city whose history stretches back to over a millennia. The really spectacular way up the Eiffel Tower is in the glass lifts which offer you a panoramic view over the extraordinary example of audacious architecture that this monument is. At the end of the 180 metre trip to the top of the Tower you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view of Paris and its monuments. Thanks to the two levels that form the top of the tower (one in the open air and the other under a roof), you can wonder around and enjoy the view just as much during the day as during the evening. So knowing worth to visit, walk and move at the top floor of the eiffel tower and take high position to see the bizarre & stunning panoramic views of the city.

Move at eiffel tower's top floor position

Move at new glass floor

Eiffel Tower deserves that we go beyond the usual tourist clichés to rediscover it properly.If the idea of queuing and the altitude makes you think twice about going to the third and final floor position of the eiffel tower, the view and spectacle from the top of this Paris legend will make you forget about it.This pause in time becomes absolutely riveting in the evenings, when the Eiffel Tower sparkles like a diamond for 5 minutes at the top of the hour. Nothing seems to have changed since its creation in 1889. Most of us know the Eiffel Tower by day and are happy enough getting to the first and second floors, but this is a mistake. If that’s your case, you’ve missed the best the Tower has to offer! It’s from its top floor, culminating at 276 meters, and at twilight that you will get the best possible show the Eiffel Tower has on offer. The view during the elevator ride up is breathtaking. You will get to see the Tower’s skeleton lit up.

As soon as you take that first step: that’s it, your climb has begun and the Tower is all yours. As you make your way up, you’ll see for yourself how the scenery seems to expand around you, the roofs of Paris start to appear and the monuments step out of the shadows of the Haussmanian buildings. And before you’ve even realised it, you’re already at the 1st floor where a lift is waiting to take you up the rest of the tower, unless you’re really not the adventurous type and that you’d prefer to just go up to the 2nd floor on foot. That way you‘ll be able to enjoy a journey which is every bit as spectacular as the destination!

Life at the Top, Moving on Eiffel Tower’s Glass Floor

The eiffel tower is considered one the top tourist attractions and monument of the paris, france. When you are paris and visiting the the tower, go on top of the eiffel tower and move to take hight position on eiffel tower. On the top floor position of eiffel tower you feel yourself at skyline of the world. Eiffel tower move give offer you a great feeling and amazing experience.  Once you’ve reached the top, there’s more to do than just gaze at the beautiful city. Visit Gustave Eiffel’s office to see the magic behind the man who designed the tower. Restored to its original condition, the office is set up with wax models of Gustave and his daughter receiving Thomas Edison. Check out the gramophone, a gift from Edison which is still there today. Panoramic maps are set up around the top floor that help you locate your position and point out famous sights. If the heady heights inspire a toast to your Parisian experience, stop at the champagne bar for a glass of bubbly.

Now think that what you will get at next eiffel tower move trip. The millions of tourists who flock to the Eiffel Tower will be treated to a new glass floor, creating a sensation of walking on air nearly 200 feet above ground. You will get amazing eiffel tower move on top position being romantic with your loved one. Be romantic or sensual with eiffel tower move getting new glass floor position on eiffel tower.

A much-anticipated facelift of the Eiffel Tower will be unveiled with a new glass floor to dizzy the millions of tourists who flock to Paris’s best-known landmark every year.Its owners hope the formerly dowdy and draughty first floor will become as big an attraction as the viewing platform on top of the 325-metre (1,070-foot) tower — the most visited paying monument in the world. Visitors will be able to look down through a solid glass floor to the 57 metres below, with transparent and eco-friendly pavilions built around the tower’s enormous central void.

To heighten the frisson of walking on air still further, the glass safety barriers around the edge have been inclined outwards.Previously the first floor was the least visited part of the tower, but its operators hope tourists will now linger at the end of their visit behind sheltering floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook Paris.The €30-million (NZ$48.29million) refit, which took two years, includes shops, restaurants and a museum where the history of the 125-year-old tower will be told on seven screens. The city of Paris, which holds a majority stake in the monument, charged architects Moatti-Riviere with creating a space that would show off Gustave Eiffel’s impressive original ironwork and make it fully accessible for disabled visitors.

Getting eiffel tower move or walk experience at high eiffel tower position floor you will enjoy the tourist attraction and city views from the top floor. The top floor gets all the glory, but the second floor also has panoramic views and, for good photos, lighter crowds. If you’re a photographer with no fear of heights who loves unique angles, visit the Vision Well, a glass window with plummeting views of the city below. The history buff part of you will enjoy the first floor’s “Eiffel epic tour.” Through photographs, illustrations, drawings, films, engravings and interactive devices, you’ll discover 120 years of history and little known tower facts. Visit the Cineiffel for short films, holograms and virtual images. Both floors hold restaurants and souvenir shops.

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