New year eve event travel to paris

Travel to Paris, offers the widest range of New Year’s Eve parties and events. On December 31st, enjoy the fireworks other attractions and things to do.

You are a lucky person if you are in paris at new year day beausue paris is the awesome place to celebrate new year eve event attractions. As the city of love, lights and Dom Perignon – or sparkling white for those travelling on a budget, Paris is one of the Top 5 New Year’s tourist destinations across the globe. Paris is one of the most colorful and exciting places to celebrate New Year’s Eve, whether your preferred style is clubbing the night away, a good meal with a view, or a simple glass of champagne shared with a small group of friends or loved ones.

If you want to utilize your work leaves on the 2015 New Year’s Eve and want to enjoy the evening like you never did in past then Paris is the ultimate place for you. Let’s make a plan and come to visit Paris, the city of love in New Year’s Eve. The capital city of France offers a number of ways to enjoy the evening thoroughly. Paris is one of the most colorful cities that have some appealing places which will make your night a memorable night.

New year eve pary in paris

New year eve in paris

The inhabitants of the city called the New Year’s Eve as Saint-Sylvestre, they celebrate the evening with a feast – le Réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre. People adore the feast with special dishes like seafood, foie gras and champagne. You can witness some of the spectacular NYE events of fireworks around the famous Eiffel tower and the Champs Elysees areas of the city. The city has plenty of bars, restaurants, clubs, pubs, parties, discos, and many more things and everything is packed with huge crowd. So book your ticket and visit Paris in order to welcome the New Year through a grand celebration.

Best places to visit to enjoy new year events

Celebrations are all over the city, with the most popular places to be as follows: Champs Elysees, 8th (arrondissement); Blvd Saint Michel, 5th; place de la Bastille, 11th; and the Eiffel Tower, 7th.Visit this website for photographs and further information about New Year Eve in Champs Elysees.

Things to do and attractions

Bonne Années and exchanging bises

In Paris, as in the rest of France, the New Year, or “St. Sylvestre”, starts January 1st and ends February 1st. French people start wishing each other cheerful Bonne Années and exchanging bises (small kisses on each cheek) at the stroke of midnight on January 1st, and mailboxes are then flooded with greeting cards and gifts throughout the month. So don’t be surprised if you hear wishes for the new year throughout January, and feel free to return them!

NYE fireworks and street parties

For those who enjoy the warmth of a crowd, the echo of a countdown and the never-ending fizz of some quality champagne, you can’t beat a New Years at one of Paris’ main tourist attractions, the Eiffel Tower. Indeed, the absence of a firework show is more than made up for by an excess of enthusiasm and one hell of a light show on the beautiful tower.

Champagne or sparkling white wine

Champagne or sparkling white wine (not to be confused if you wish to avoid lengthy lectures) is the drink of choice on New Year’s Eve in Paris. Vin chaud (hot wine) and cider are other favorites. Of course, if you’re celebrating the New Year at a restaurant or party, plenty of non-alcoholic drinks are available at most spots.

A common Paris treat for the New Year are papillottes

A common Paris treat for the New Year are papillottes, chocolates or other confections that pop like small firecrackers when you tear off the wrapping. You can buy these in any Paris supermarket or confectioner’s shop.

Dress code

Contrary to popular belief, there is no “rule” on how to dress for a major event like New Year’s Eve in Paris, and while the city counts a greater-than-average number of impeccably dressed fashionistas, plenty of others hit the town in jeans and warm sweaters to enjoy the New Year. Do make sure you follow any dress codes for individual restaurants, New Year’s parties, or other events, though– it’s not unusual for higher-end venues to apply stringent dress codes against sneakers, jeans, or t-shirts at the door.

Travel guide

Last minute accommodation

There are many hotels in Paris that offer brilliant services but in New Year’s Eve they charge huge amount of money. Hotels like Hotel de Crillion, Hotel Fouquet’s Barrier, Fraser Suites le Claridge Champs-Elysees, Beauchamps Hotel, Best Western Premier Opera Faubourg, Hotel Best Western Premier Opera Diamond, Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel Hotel and Hotel Gramont Opera Paris are the most popular ones. In order to avoid disappointment at last moment, let’s plan your Paris NYE 2015 right now by checking out the full list of Paris hotels with the best discount code on famous booking websites for your perfect reservation.

These cheap Paris hotels and youth hostels will be snapped up in no time, while the remainder hike up prices with the increase in demand. The solution? Book early. These are a few of our favourites showing cheap prices right now for New Years 2014/15…
The Hotel Riviera has private rooms available starting from €87.77pppn. This two-star hotel is located near the Butte Montmartre and the Opera district.
Avalon Hotel Paris has private triple rooms starting from €103pppn. The two-star hotel is less than five minutes walk from the Gare du Nord with the Marais and Pigalle just a short walk away.

At Paris Residence Hotel you can stay in a private twin for €103pppn, with continental breakfast included. It’s conveniently located just a few steps away from Gare du Nord.


Don’t worry about staying a few metro stops away from Montmartre or the Champs-Elysees. Public transport will be free from 31 December to noon on 1 January, and the entire network will run until 2:15am (with some subways, buses and RER trains in operating throughout the night). There are 300 stations around the city and it costs €1.70 per journey, or you can buy in bulk with 10 for €12.70.

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