Nightlife Options at Phuket Beach Bars and Disco Clubs

Enjoy phuket beachside party & nightlife moments in best rooftop beer bars, nightclubs and thai girl discos dancing at live band & DJ music beats.

Phuket’s nightlife is as varied as its landscape, with everything from tacky go-go bars to thatched-roof beer shacks and glamorous beach clubs. The vast multitude of nightlife options are a large reason that many visitors come to vacation in Phuket beaches. If you’re still hungry for more stimulation at the end of the day you won’t be disappointed by the range of entertainment and nightlife Phuket has to offer.

Gaudy, rowdy, naughty, noisy, tacky or great fun, all words used to describe some of Patong beach nightlife. As the sun goes down Patong lights up like Las Vegas, the girls and katoeys (transsexuals) come out, and the show begins on Soi Bangla and the surrounding areas. Nearly all the tourist areas have some bars where you can enjoy a drink, though you will need to head over to the main nightlife areas such as Patong or Phuket City for a more vibrant atmosphere. For discos and nightclubs, and the widest variety of bars, Patong is the place to be. If you are ready to party until late, here are the best spots in Patong Beach to dance way beyond the official 2 am closing time. You’ll have to choose between the seven clubs and discos really worth mentioning but you also can find smaller places here and there. Good thing: several of them are not far from each other just around Bangla Road, some are free to enter, others will stamp your hand so you can freely go in an out as you please. Discos near the center of Bangla get packed earlier than others too, so if you are an early bird, better know where to start!

There are a number of nightclubs around Phuket that cater for different markets and are of different standards. The largest and most professional are located in Patong. Some have live music, others DJs with a handful having a mixture of both Be prepared to pay a higher price for your drinks in these locations although you can often party for most of the night depending on their location and the current Government ruling regarding closing time.

Beach Nightlife Clubs and Discos of Phuket Beaches

Nightlife attractions at patong beach

Go Go Bar Girl Disco Dance

Night Clubs in Patong Beach & Discos

Patong’s A Go-Go bars: It is the famous night club for girls phuket or thai girl disco. The A-Go-Go bars are slightly more raunchy. Dance routines and shows on a raised stage around gleaming dancing poles, to a musical selection ranging from the latest hits to old favourites. Patong’s A Go-Go bars are the main reason some people head there in the first place – they feature sexy, scantily-clad young girls swaying to the music. A Go-Go bars aren’t the raunchy circuses they used to be but they still provide plenty to look at. According to Thai law, total nudity is banned but in some establishments these rules are often bent, if not outright ignored.

During the evening don’t be surprised if the dancers give way every so often to a few girls who perform a more daring and intimate show for the guests. As with the beer bars, the girls may well be willing to spend some personal time with you once those delicate financial matters have been cleared. A bar fine will be payable if you and your new friend leave to seek entertainment elsewhere. Finally, do note that couples are more than welcome in the majority of A-Go Go Bars.

Seduction Club and disco: The new and popular Seduction Club has moved from its previous tiny street to a prime location right on Bangla Road, it’s impossible to miss it. Hugely popular with international DJs and an amazing sound system, this club gets busy earlier than others, but the real party starts after midnight to really kick in after 2 am. Once you got your hand stamped, you can go in and out as you please and come back anytime to take your party where you left it. Lots of young tourists, pulsing ambiance and really well designed. If you like mega parties, this is your place!

Tai Pan Club: One of the oldest venues in Patong Beach, Tai Pan went through many different phases before reaching the success it enjoys today. Packed every night without being pushy to patrons, Tai Pan is old an school club and people seem to love it. Great sound, good lighting and great atmosphere and best of all, no entry fee!

Surin beach night clubs: The lovely Surin Beach is definitely a place to go to escape the crowds and avoid the heady excesses that typify Patong Beach and the other crowded resorts around Phuket. Anybody that wants to party hard might be advised to give Surin a miss at night, as it has just a couple of low key but rather classy venues clustered along the beach road known as Hat Surin 8. Surin’s clubs do occasionally attract a sizeable crowd, especially in the high season (around December to May), so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any special events or parties. In the low season there are much fewer visitors at night, which is probably part of its appeal.

Nightlife at Catch Beach Club: Phuket’s first beach club is still the hippest place on the island to cavort in a kaftan. Expect lots of shiny white surfaces, fire pits fitted into glass cubes, potent cocktails and a suntanned crowd that look like they’ve decanted from St. Tropez for the day.

Karon Beach Nightlife

Karon Beach Nightlife

Karon Beach Nightlife

Often referred to as Patong’s little sister, Karon has a small version of Bangla Road located behind the circle at the northern end of the beach. The area comes alive after dark and has a warren of bars with music, big screens, pool tables, poles and friendly girls providing the hospitality. For a good selection of beers served in a casual pub setting, that doesn’t have loud music and party girls, then try the Irish bar Angus O’Tool’s also in this area. There are several more girl bars spread along Patak Road East and at the southern end of Karon down Luangphochuain and Taina Roads, which lead off the beach road. Moving away from the tacky music and entertainment, try one of the upmarket Karon beachfront hotels and resorts where you can enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail listening to soft live music in a family friendly atmosphere.

Night party at Kata Beach Clubs

Whilst no Patong, Kata Beach has plenty of options in the way of nightlife. The venues located in and around this popular Phuket west coast resort town can deliver a great after-dark experience for those who like to have fun and go to sleep late. Top 10 Night Spots in Kata Beach features an eclectic choice of venues apt to satisfy mostly everyone; from the stylish atmosphere of a trendy beach club to the laid-back ambiance of a cool Reggae bar on the beach, there’s surely something for your taste in Kata Beach.

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