Places and Attractions for Tourist in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Participate in desert camel ride and fishing at coral island and enjoy other amazing attractions and surprising sightseeing, best places and most popular things to do in dammam, saudi arabia.

Planning a trip to Dammam, Saudi Arabia? Dammam is the capital and largest city in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Dammam is one of the three most important cities that lie in the Arabian Gulf. The Saudi Arabian city is known for some of the most important petroleum refining centers in the world. The eastern province and particularly Dammam is abundant in oil resources and which offers one of the most important port and hub of the country. The city is tourism friendly because it forms the longest channel that flutters besides the waves of Persian Gulf. Dammam is easily accessible to international visitors as it has the largest airport in the world.

It also harbors largest port on the Persian Gulf for business activities. The vastness and enormity of the city and its royal built up calls upon those who want to enjoy warm climate away from flaky, chill winds of December, January and February in temperate maritime climatic zones. The stunning sea line at night adds more to the aura of Dammam s beauty and the attractions along the sea are the citys darling bits. So to get a glimpse of Dammam s lovely bit, fetch a cheap flight to Dammam, and make your trip ravishing with Persian Gulfs memories.

Dammam is a beautiful city with several wonderful things to see and do. Whether it is shopping, attractions or dining, Dammam offers visitors everything that can make their trip enjoyable. The city offers excellent accommodation that suits the budgetary needs of everyone. For Muslim visitors Dammam is a perfect destination as finding mosques and halal restaurants is never a problem. When it comes to attractions, Dammam features the beautiful corniche, a lush green strip overlooking the gulf.

Attractions & sightseeing and best places to visit

Al Dammam regional museum

Al Dammam regional museum

Al Dammam regional museum

This unique museum tells the story of approximately 17 thousand years BC, starting from the prehistoric to the present time, which indicates the depth of history of the Eastern Region in the Kingdom.The museum contains several small rooms, begins of the Stone Age, where it present the old ways of fishing and some of the drawings which record it , which conceived, and a room for the slaves civilization dating back to before 4300 BC, whereas offered some of the pottery and number of other evidences. There is also a hall of the Dilmun civilization, which flourished from 2500 BC, the museum presents in it some of the tombstones, which were known in this culture and manuscripts and possessions, old coins and tombstones and other monuments are put in the Islamic civilization hall.

Half Moon Bay – Arabian Beach

A number of beaches are also found in the region such as the Half Moon Bay. From the name itself, the beach is semi-circular in shape with two amusement parks where the kids could enjoy. Aside from beaches, you could also experience nature by visiting King Fahd Park. It is a haven, which is over a million square kilometer wide, booming with millions of trees, flowers and decorative pools that could take stress away. Other than this, there are also smaller parks where you could bring your friends and family alike to.

Coral Island Dammam

Where fun family gatherings and privacy, the first tourist island industrial Kingdom and away from the Corniche distance of 1800 meters was established by Saudi Aramco adorned field towering name (Lighthouse), where the visitor can climb to the above and watch whatever the eye can see of the city’s landmarks, and has become a place to relax and amateurs fishing fish.

Al Morikabat Mountain Park

This mountain has a historically and environmentally dimension. Therefore it has been developed with keeping its natural position without change. The park contains trees and bushes of appropriate conditions of the site and green surfaces in the low places, chairs to sit, chairs, gamps and children’s play area and walking track around the mountain, with a length of 2km, including paths within the park along the 2.5 km.

King Fahd International Airport

Best Places to visit in Saudi Arabia

Fishing at Coral Island

Visit the amazing tourist attraction center of visitors, the King Fahd International Airport is located 40 kilometers (25 mi) northwest of Dammam, Saudi Arabia and is the largest airport in the World. The airport’s basic infrastructure was complete by the end of 1990, which allowed the Allied forces engaged in the first Gulf War in early 1991 to use the field for the storage of military aircraft.

Heritage Village

The heritage Village of popularity is one of the prominent tourist attractions in the Eastern Province, where the visitor sings are enough for roaming and shorten distances, and visitor can identify Arabia civilizations past and present through the curfew in the village of popularity’s five floors, Beginning with a great lobby and through your tour in the main doors you’ll find on the find and its warm and effortlessly you will find yourselves in colors nature picturesque and and then climb into the pure Patio access to the shores of the east coast and brightly carvings.

Things to Do in Dammam

Desert Camel Ride

There are many tours in Dammam that will give you the chance to ride on a camel through the Saudi Arabian desert for only a few dollars. This is an iconic travel experience that you will remember for many years to come.

Fishing at Coral Island

Another fun activity to partake in during your Dammam holiday is fishing on Coral Island, which is only 1,800 metres away from the Corniche of Dammam. It is the best place to go fishing on the island, and there are many boating facilities that will get you out on the water, or you can simply cast your line from the shore.

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