Top 8 Most Beautiful Organic Lakes In The World

Lakes are the beautiful natural formulations on earth. Here is the list of top 8 beautiful organic lakes in the world.

One of the most beautiful landscapes is the lakes which are also gifts of nature. Lakes are this kind of lovely water reservoirs that reverberates a straightforward and but pretty lovely facet of nature. If an individual goes on to define it technically with the geographical level of see, a lake is essentially an spot or trenches filled with water localized in a basin and surrounded by land apart from rivers or any other outlet that serves as feed to the lake. Lakes are element of the land with stagnant stock of water and consequently are not element of oceans. This article will provide you the top 8 most beautiful organic lakes in the world:

Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

Dal Lake

Dal Lake is one of the prides that India possesses and also called as the Jewel in the crown of Kashmir. The lake depicts its beauty through the natural scenery it is surrounded by. The beautiful gardens and parks surrounding the lake were built by the Mughals. The houseboats used to roam around the lake are called Shikaras. There is also an island on the famous and beautiful Dal Lake of India where four Chinar trees are standing and that is why the island is named as Char Chinar.

Melissani Cave Lake

Melissani Cave Lake is situated on an island of Kefolonia and is surrounded by forests, mountains and sea. This lake was discovered in 1951 and have many myths associated with it. The color of the lake is sky blue and the stones found beneath the lake are brown in color. Variety of plant species are also found at the door of the cave. Melissani Cave Lake is a Famous tourist destination and is thus considered as one of the most beautiful lake of the world.

Five Flower Lake

It is found in Jiuzhaigou Valley of China and is a national park. Also a nature reserve which is known for colorful water lakes, waterfalls and peaks which are snowcapped. Because of colorful leaves which are blue, dark green, light yellow, etc in color and gathered at front side of lake, Five Flower Lake got its name and color.

Pink Lake, Australia

Pink lake is an impressive salt lake that is located in Western Australia and its names identifies its color, yes it is pink in color. However the lake is not always of pink color but the unique color of water changes as a consequence of some bacterium, green algae and high concentration of marinade prawn, which when react apparently transforms the water pink. The lake provide most stunning coastal scenery of Australia and its mysterious yet alluring color appeals number of visitors from all over the world. The lake has been recognized as an Important Bird Area by Bird life International as it supports numerous native and migratory birds.

Shangrila Lake

Also known as Lower Kachura Lake is located at the Shangrila Resort in Skardu. One of the Most beautiful natural lakes and due to same reason, it is a famous tourist destination which even has an extra unusual restaurant which has been built on body of an airplane.

Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake is a glacial lake which is named after Bill Peyto who was a trapper and a guide in the Banff National Park where this lake is situated. This lake acquires a bright green color during summer season which makes it all the more beautiful and worth seeing and thus a famous tourist spot for sightseeing and taking photographs. Bow Summit which is the highest point on the Icefield Parkway is the best point to view the lake as the lake looks stunning from that point. Thus, all these factors make this lake as one of the most beautiful natural lakes of the world.

Lake Tahoe, United States

Lake Tahoe, United States

Lake Tahoe, United States

It is a large freshwater lake that is located in the Sierra Nevada of the United States. It is an amazing alpine lake and is renowned as one of the most beautiful tourist attraction in both California and Nevada. This lake is famous for its clarity of water and the scenes of surrounding mountains on all sides. The mountain and lake scenery are appealing throughout the year. It is home to a number of summer outdoor recreation, ski resorts and tourist attractions.

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes are found in Plitvice Lakes National Park which is situated in Croatia in Southeast Europe. This national park is the oldest and the largest park of Croatia. It contains sixteen lakes out of which 12 lakes are grouped as upper lakes and the rest 4 are grouped as lower lakes. This oldest and largest national park of Croatia contains these beautiful cascaded lakes which reflect different colours as per their mineral content and sunlight.

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